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The module TagCloud displays a single 3-D TagCloud on your homepage. The multiple options in link display enables you to lead your homepagevisitor to the pages you want, nearly as a second navigation. Here are the details :


yes one TagCloud on your site
yes  Live-Support via backend
yes  adjustable link sizes
yes  Frontend display via droplet
yes  editable colour links
yes  editable background colour


Please hover over the TagCloud on the left to see effects.


A release with  multiple TagClouds is also available.


For installation you can use the module install function in the backend of the cms.

Please contact us for any further question.



This addon is available for  LEPTON CMS and  WebsiteBaker .




The backend of this tool has to sections:

- TagCloud settings

- Link settings





The TagCloud will be displayed via Droplet call in the frontend (Droplet is also installed during module installation).

This enables you to display the Tagcloud easily wherever you want.



The following license terms have strictly to be followed:

This addon can only be used on the url that is sent during the order process. Any other usage is strictly prohibited and will cause legal action.

Any further usage is strictly prohibited.

The license covers only above usage. You are not  even allowed to copy, distribute or modify the code without further permission.


Price for a single license is 12,90 EUR.

Start the order by clicking on the "buy now" button.

Please note: by starting the order you accept the license terms.




After successful payment please send a mail to the following adress covering your invoice data and the url on which the module will be shown:




Having received your payment and your mail we will send you an invoice and a special download link.


Thank you for your order.


This addon is available for  LEPTON CMS and  WebsiteBaker .