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Also top-level domains that are not listed here, for example .ch, .at, .it and more.


Please contact us if you want to know wether a missing top-level domain is available.






Important Information:

The ICANN set new rules for the renewal / cancellation of generic domains ( .org, .com.,etc) starting on 31th August 2013.


This is new:

  1. 4 weeks prior expiration of your domain you will get a mail in which you are notified of the expiration date. The used mailadress ist the one you provided during registration. Please ensure in your own interest that this email address is accessible.
  2. You will receive this mail, regardless whether your domain is already scheduled for removal or not.
  3. 1 week before the end of your domain you will again receive an information of the expiration date.



If your domain is marked for cancellation, you will receive an email with information how you can restore the domain within the next 5 days after domain is deleted.


All messages will be sent from a neutral sender address.

The approximate content of these messages can be viewed here.


The requirements of ICANN can be found here.


For further questions refferring to ICANN innovations feel free to ask.


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